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Is It The Best Time To Become A Big City Dweller?

Covid times, people stuck with their families and parents under the same childhood roof. I'm stuck too and I feel you, guys. It's not bad to spend more time together but don't you feel like you're toooo grown up to wake up to your mom's breakfast?

Bloomberg states my thoughts on this perfectly: "In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, some people are discovering that it’s the perfect time to move in."

Right? Aren't you tired of the new "new life", slow and boring? I feel like a retired old cat lady now, gulping tons of tea in front of my laptop. And I DO think it's the most perfect moment to move in or move back to the dream city.

What if you are at the point to change your dull sceneries? I got you covered. The easiest way to blend with bright big city lights is to rent an apartment, you can do it here: or download their app. Moreover, they hold monthly "giveaways" for a chance to live for a whole month rent-free.

This roaring pandemic period is even better to purchase your own place. Although Guardian stated that Covid-hit homeowners fear getting stuck on costly mortgage deals, I believe it's better to ponder over this idea now.

If costs of rents are getting significantly lower, prices on real estate gradually drop too. The pandemic time is pretty scary, especially financially, but you can calculate your expenses in advance and estimate mortgage affordability based on income here:

So, guys, see you somewhere around a big city corner?





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