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Coffee Shops To Run Into Me In NYC

If you are picky about your coffee as I am, I advise you to check out these great coffee spots and indulge in coffee sipping. Otherwise, come and say "Hi" to me as I buy my 5th cup of coffee. (Spoiler Alert: be careful, you might find cool ice cream spots).

Odd Fellows Ice Cream 55 E Houston St

One of my favourites, favour..., fav... omnomnomnom... Sorry, couldn't resist that Ice cream! Everything is great about this place. My favorite Matcha and just Latte. My favorite ice cream. My favorite location. My favorite barista... Of course! All baristas know my coffee buying behavior :)

Gimme! Coffee 228 Mott St

When I want COFFEE I go to Gimme!! Honestly, It is the best of the best, at least to me. Also, there is a beautiful Elizabeth Street Garden behind it. It's always nice to have a cup of authentic coffee in a wonderful Victorian garden.

City of Saints Coffee Roasters 79 E 10th St

When I want to be sainted, I get my coffee in the City of Saints Coffee. Genuine taste, saint face.

Third Rail Coffee 240 Sullivan St

Accidentally in Love, that's how I would describe it. Such a cozy place with great coffee. When the weather is beautiful, you can enjoy some sunshine outside on a bench (if there are any unoccupied, oops).

Little Skips East 1643 Broadway, Brooklyn

It is the place where everything has started. That's the place I realized I could not drink dirty water called COFFEE. If you still drink yucky dirt, maybe it's time to come by?

Saltwater Coffee E 12th St

It was a rainy day, and I wanted something delicate and new. I was recommended to try a maple latte. I don't like sweet lattes, but one from Saltwater was terrific ;)

Le Petit Parisien

It is not only a beautiful Parisian place but a fantastic spot to run away to Europe for a few minutes. My choice is always Nutella Latte. Nutty Lattee.

Bonsai Kakigori 265 Canal St

It is the only place I get my Lavender Matcha Latter in NYC. It is a Latte I would die for! Oh and their Japanese ice cream <3

Blue Stripes Cacao Shop 28 E 13th St

Also accidentally discovered. I used to go there to work remotely. This place has plenty of comfy seats and tables to place your laptops. And since it is a Cacao Shop, they have tons of thick sweet chocolate hot to indulge! (coffee too)

Happy Bones 394 Broome St

Once I had a meeting in Happy Bones (oh, I love the name). I am so happy to discover this place and its coffee variety. Honestly, I wouldn't find it myself; it's a little tricky to spot it between neighbouring stores.

Two Hands 164 Mott St

I always wanted to visit the place. My Aussie colleagues wouldn't stop talking about it! But it was always packed :( So, one time I went there on Memorial day, so I managed to get a seat. I ordered their famous avocado toast and red velvet latte. Still drooling, each time I think of it...

Coffee Project NY 239 E 5th St

I found this coffee shop while looking for unique coffee flavors. This one was on the list. Guess what I got? I got their Misugaru; it reminds you of a coffee but tastes and looks like oatmeal. Anyway, it's tasty and nourishing.

Caffe Reggio 119 MacDougal St

Your favorite coffee shop is closed after 5 pm? The 2nd favorite after 10-11 pm? Welcome to Caffe Reggio! It's like a luxury coffee restaurant. You definitely should come during the daytime too. Get those yummy cakes too. Get 'em all!

Veniero’s Pasticceria & Caffe 342 E 11th St

You haven't been to Veniero's yet??? How DARE you? It's been here for centuries and you must go and try their delicious... EVERYTHING, because everything is hard to resist.

Black Press Coffee 274 Columbus Ave

A hip place between skyscrapers. I found this spot scanning coffee shop in Google maps and was glad I tried this one. They got me curious about their waffle cups of hot coffee. Unfortunately, they didn't serve them in summer, will def be back in winter, and OMG every time I'm in the area!

Morgenstern’s Finest Ice Cream 8 W Houston St

I'm not going to tell you how amazing their ice cream is and about their 88 flavors. Just go and try if you haven't! I just want to mention that they serve smooth coffee too. At night also! Be careful, you might run into me there! :)

Vika xoxo

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